Ceramic Paint Workshop ONLINE

Learn how to make Ceramic Paint with locally sourced raw clay and/or mud.
Collect your own (locally) sourced raw material and transform this into usable pigments to colour porcelain or stoneware  during an online workshop.

How it works:

• Go out and collect a natural material you would like to work with, best would be wild clay or mud, can be with small sand particles. You can test if the material is suitable by taking a small amount in your hands and try to press it together. The more the material sticks and stays in shape, the better results you will get when making Ceramic Paint. If you have any doubts about the material, please let me know.
• Dry the raw material and remove bigger particles such as stones, leaves and twigs. You will need approx. 200 gram

During the workshop I will guide you through the process of making Ceramic Paint. You will learn every single step by using your own material. 2-3 weeks before the workshop I will send you instructions and ingredients, including 4 bisque fired porcelain samples. In total we will test 5 different recipes.

Please note this is an online workshop. You need some of your own tools to work with during the workshop, see list below;

  • painter’s tape
  • mortar and pestle
  • very fine sieve 100 / 120 mesh
  • 1 -2 brushes
  • 5 bowls for mixing the ingredients
  • very precise scale (00.1 gram)
  • spoons
  • 1 plaster bat (⌀ bigger than 10cm)
  • ceramic kiln, 2 firings (960 and 1260 degrees)
  • option; liquid porcelain or stoneware clay (see instructions below)*
  • option; liquid tranparant glossy glaze for porcelain or stoneware (see instructions below)*

The workshop will take approximately 2 to 3 hours and is hosted in English and Dutch.

We start at 10AM or 13AM (CET / CEST) and use the platform ZOOM, see below for exact dates and times.
165,- per person (ex. shipping costs) / 6 participants max.

Make sure to place your order at least 3 weeks before the actual workshop date to be sure the shipment will arrive on time. Shipping outside Europe can take up to 2-3 weeks.
* If you don’t have your own liquid porcelain or stoneware clay/glaze to work with please leave a note during check-out, and I add them to your order.

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Additional information

Date Ceramic Paint Online

March 4 10-13h ONLINE, March 24 10-13h ONLINE, April 29 13-16h ONLINE, May 26 13-16h ONLINE