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Ceramic Paint Workshop

Learn how to make Ceramic Paint with locally sourced raw clay and/or mud.
Bring your own (locally) sourced raw material and transform this into usable pigments to colour porcelain with during a half-day workshop.

How it works:

• Go out and collect a natural material you would like to work with, best would be wild clay or mud, can be with small sand particles. You can test if the material is suitable by taking a small amount in your hands and try to press it together. The more the material sticks and stays in shape, the better results you will get when making Ceramic Paint. If you have any doubts about the material, please let me know.
• Dry the raw material and remove bigger particles such as stones, leaves and twigs.
• Take the dry material to the Ceramic Paint workshop (approx. 200 gram)

During the workshop I will guide you through the process of making Ceramic Paint. You will learn every single step by using your own material. I will provide all tools and ingredients, including 4 bisque fired porcelain samples which we use for different techniques and recipes. During the workshop you will colour these 4 samples by using different techniques and recipes, and make one sample where we mix ready made porcelain clay with the raw material.

• Don’t have a raw material to work with? You can still join the workshop and learn all the techniques and recipes. I will provide locally sourced clay from Eindhoven for you to work with.

After the workshop the porcelain samples will be fired at 1260 degrees and within 1-2 weeks shipped in a small cardboard box (in total 5 samples).

13:30 – 16:30u
workshops are hosted (in English and Dutch) at my studio at NulZes, Eindhoven NL
110,- per person (ex. shipping costs)
3 participants max.

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Date Ceramic Paint

June 12th 2021, May 15th 2021, May 29th 2021