Rumst, BE

Fieldwork, 2015

In 2015 I completed a new research with clay from the Rupelstreek in Belgium. Chef Bart de Pooter asked me if I could develop a color palette from the clay quarry just behind his restaurant, De Pastorale.
The Rupelstreek is well known for his brick-making. Nowadays there is only one big quarry in operation, still producing bricks.
Belgium has a very rich underground, with deposits from almost all geological periods. In the quarry you can see all the different layers divided by different colors.
During my fieldwork I took from all visible layers samples in order to create the ‘Ceramic Paint’. Most of the founded material was clay, next to different colors sand, beautiful stones and some iron-water. The development of the colors was in close cooperation with Reichenbach, a porcelain factory in Berlijn, Germany. After finishing my researchpart they continueed with the chef and his restaurant to actually produce tableware with the colors.

You can see the end result of the color research here.